No amount of previous reading of thrillers will
prepare you for this heart throbbing whirlwind of cunning 
daring and high-level conniving. The border between two African
countries is not the backdrop of the story;
it is the story and Frank Gauthier's mastery
in storytelling makes us all sorry we cannot read faster
to the next page.  The intelligence with which every
character is depicted and the tightly knit weaving
of the actions are the true mark of a genius who,
by chance or by design, may have created a new genre:
global drama in the tropics.

I wa simply amazed by this trhiller, close to
sience fiction if you think that it is the science
of gold exploration this book theme is, a fiction of course more than science fiction,
involving espionnage as well, what, with all this corporation competing for gold.

Diery Seck, Sénégal
he read "Gold kills too"

I was given this book as a gift and once I did get around to
reading it, well .... I just couldn't put it down.
The subject matter is one I would never have selected myself but it
did weave an incredible tale. Gauthier is a very skillful writer
and keeps the reader turning every page. I truly hope there will
be other works of his in the future. His mastery of weaving fiction
and non-fiction brought so much more to this read.
This is a great book and nothing short of an incredible thriller.

It has been a great read, thrilling to read this thriller and fiction book.
It was not necessarily espionage, but what a suspense, what a page turner

Claudia John, Germany!
she read "A Diamond worth killing for"

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